Marleigh + Sean

In my opinion, I have one of the best jobs ever. I get to document life. I get to witness some of the happiest and sweetest moments and in doing so I provide my client with these little treasures known as photos. I get to work with some pretty amazing people as well. I love all of my couples and I get giddy on their big day. I try to display the same excitement to all of my clients regardless of the fact that, even though it is their one and only ‘big day’, it’s something that I do ALL the time. I love the people that I get to work with and every wedding is unique and exciting but every now and then there is a wedding that comes along that kinda hits me upside the head and truly makes me realize just how wonderful my job really is. And Marleigh and Sean’s wedding was one of those.

Their reception at the Auburn University Club was one for the books. Instead of a bouquet toss there was a surprise proposal. And I know you’re probably thinking “No way! I bet the bride was ticked!!” Nope. She actually helped orchestrate the perfect moment for her brother to propose to his girlfriend, who was also one of the bridesmaids. I don’t need to explain what happened. Just look at the photos. There I was, able to capture, what I am sure will be one of their favorite memories, forever and ever preserved in photographs. How cool is that? I was so happy to be a part of that moment.

Later, as the reception continued, I looked off in the distance and noticed an absolutely beautiful sunset that was going to waste because we had not allowed for sunset pictures in the timeline. It was killing me not to take advantage of the sunset. Just before Marleigh and Sean were supposed to make their grand exit, one of the groomsmen came over to me and said “We have a surprise for the bride and groom that involves a golf cart. You’re going to want to be a part of this.” I figured they had decorated a golf cart or something for the exit. I was wrong. They actually arranged to transport the bride and groom via golf cart over to the golf course to take sunset photos. I was floored that this was even on their radar. A bunch of groomsmen that had sunset photos on their mind? I’ll take it! Their idea gave us the opportunity to get some of the best photos.


Marleigh and Sean, you guys are awesome. I truly enjoyed spending the day with y’all. Thanks for trusting me and allowing me to take your wedding photos. ~JW